Some of our projects:

Online Rental Software 

Introduction of a new Online-Rental-Software in France:
  • alignment and adaptation to local requirements  
  • Optimisation and documentation of procedures 
  • Check implementation and corrections  
(in German, French and English). 

M&APreparation and implementation of acquisitions:
  • Due Diligence of finance, strategy, organisation
  • Analyse of product portfolio and policy
  • Market analyse
  • Business plan for successful integration
  • Check interoperability of the two organisation
  • Analyse of soft-facts (management methods, ethics, etc.)
  • Preparation of negotiations
  • Organisational implementation / merger
(in German, French and English).
Carbon Footprint
 Analyse of carbon footprint (scope 1 + 2) and development of the emission reduction strategy
Electric vehicle
 Carbon footprint analyse of different technologies (BEV, FCEV, ICE) and cost comparison from final customer perspective

Production cost analyse

Production cost analyse for German component supplier:
  • Unit costs (total and running costs)
  • Analyse of net margin and contribution margin per product category
  • Simulation of profit-centre costing 
  • Recommendations for improvement of internal costing
  • Product life cycle analyse
  • Recommendations for future product strategy

Dynamic audits
Audits of service quality, security and environment protection (HQ and branches) B2B-service firm:
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluations
  • Feedback for continuous improvement 
  • Suggestions for process  improvements
  • Best practice transfer
  • Record of customer satisfaction and comparison with internal audit results   

Dealer for export market

Search and selection of dealers for export markets.
(for French tools manufacturer, in Switzerland)

Business process optimisation

Audit and business process optimisation for In-house-start-up of a major French group.

Coaching of family business
Coaching (shareholders and top management) in a family owned  business. Preparation and implementation of succession. Austria.

Some customers:

CAT Rental Suisse
Avesco Rent SA


Losinger-Marazzi AG

Weris-Energie SAS


Rsultat de recherche dimages pour greenflex
CSC Graduate School   Université de Strabourg, Faculté de Chimie
Automotive manufacturers, OEM, IT service providers

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Cooperation partner:

Certified personal coach and trainer,
Berlin and Frankfurt a.M.
Olaf Georg KLEIN