Carbon footprint reduction | 01 Sep 22, felix.buche

40 electric vehicles replacing Diesel-cars.

We are proud to see the results of cooperation between Avesco Rent and aXconda in terms of carbon footprint reduction.

Based on a global approach, with carbon footprint analyses of the company, taking into account emissions of electricity generation and battery manufacturing, we stand for real progress without greenwashing.

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Committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% until 2028 | 07 Nov 17, felix.buche

Our electricity consumption already is nearly CO2-free and our green IT strategy ensures low electricity consumption. But in addition, we are committed to reduce CO2 emissions of our passenger vehicles from today’s 150g/Km to less than 20g/Km by 2028.

In commemoration of Marshall B. Rosenberg | 15 Feb 15, felix.buche

Marshall B. Rosenberg was a Mediator and the creator of one of the most powerful methods against legal disputes, separation, distrust, hate, revenge and even terrorism and war.