Alternative dispute resolution

In several cases, extra-judicial resolution of disputes by the method of Mediation can be a faster, less costly, more efficient and also a confidential way to end a conflict.

Beside the uncertainty of any court action, even obtaining right can cause collateral damage if the opposed party is an (former) client, supplier, employee or public organisation. Mediation can also be the first option if you seek a confidential solution or if your reputation can be affected by a trial. In the event of successful Mediation, the business-relationship can be strengthened as it is more likely that both sides can identify and agree on a solution.

We suggest and recommend Mediation in order to try to avoid a trial at court. We are specialised in intercultural cases (French, German and English) as they are more complex in terms of culture, language and law.

Even in a business context, we tend to start interfering at an emotional level in order to calm the persons involved. Thus will help parties to set a more factual position leading into a solution more easily.

Depending on the case, we work together with your lawyer.