A low carbon strategy for your company

... not just best practice in energy savings.

... but part of global company strategy and risk management at reasonable costs !

Integrated carbon footprint strategy means to us to analyse before establishing an investment plan  in a structured way, in order to take account of life-cycle of assets and products. Otherwhise your path to very low CO2 emission could be expensive and unproductive with only moderate results.

The earlier we start your long way to zero net emission the best it can be managed, avoiding inappropriate investments and exeptional depreciations on assets and R&D. As we focus simultaneously on products, facilities, manufacturing and service process, we get it coherent.
As to do so, we set priorities and the best secuences, so that we mantch best strategy, economics and technology.

We take into account local context of tomorrow, that gives you the fundamentals to take best decisions on future product lines.

As every customer has its own prerequisites, we offer the first meeting for free, to see what could be the right approach in your special case.

We propose different aproach being complementary:

Company Footprint

  • Facilities

  • Manufacturing process / service process

  • Logistics

Product Footprint
  • Produkt line

  • Assessment of product life cycle (physical):
    Supplier – Manufacturer / Service provider – Customer – Second Life – Recycling

  • Innovation management  / game-changer


Company Footprint or Product Footprint approch, anyway we like to be pragmatic.

We also focus on game-changer, in order to avoid what we call „Tesla-Nokia-effect“.