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A low carbon strategy for companies

It means to us to analyse before establishing an investment plan, in order to take into account of life-cycle of assets and products. Otherwise your path to very low CO2 emission could be expensive and unproductive with only moderate results.

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Innovative 4C consulting and project management
Because new challenge requires new approach

We'll never try to solve new problems with old thinking.

Success in industry and B2B services is based on the consideration of economic facts, technology and management methods together.

We take it into account as a whole to co-create with our client and to successfully implement M&A or business succession and to manage innovation and continuous improvements.

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Alternative conflict resolution

Extra-judicial resolution of disputes by Mediation 

The Mediator guides you through, step by step.

We cover German, French and English language

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Industry-specific expertise

 - (Rental) Fleet management

 - Interim project management (construction / techn. / innovation)

 - Costing and cost cutting

 - Smart admin processes